Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I never thought I would ever sit through a game of football, featuring VfB Stuttgart (which btw, is our home team - whovudda guessed I 'd have a hometeam which plays in the UEFA Champions League..) and Glasgow Rangers. That day in an unfortunate self presented itself as today, as I waited patiently for the Barca game to be aired. After 90 minutes of inanely absurd display of seemingly second-division football, the screen bears 6(!!) minutes of highlights. My wrath shall soon be reflected in Group E.


Parthasarathi said...

Dude!! You did not watch the 6 sixers?? You chose football over cricket? Stuttgart over India?? I can see you are becoming a condescending German dude!

Leena said...

Hehe.. I second that...twenty20 game totally rocks and yes the 6 sixers!..Yuvraj rocks..ahem..for now..=p

Sharad Ragas said...

Such terrible accusations!!

Of course, I followed the Indian T20 game.. I have a fantasy team too in that site. In fact, I had trumped Yuvraj as my player of the day (BEFORE the game day started!!).. talk about cricket forecasts!! =p

But however.. kinthu.. paranthu.. still, I do not approve of this circus. I am somehow reminded of a certain version of cricket called 'book cricket' (made popular in many a last bench of large classrooms by uninterested souls subjected to tedious monologues) whenever I encounter this T20 thingy. No respect for this rather boisterous form of cricket, which has the bowlers torn apart by contemptible slogs (and inventive cricketing shots, I am contested) and games ending in bowl-outs (talk about brazenfaced commercialization!!)

But six friggin 6's in any form of cricket (gully cricket included) is .. for a lack of a more appropriate word, brilliant. God bless Mr. Singh.