Saturday, November 22, 2008

amongst other delightful things, cricket makes lines like these possible...

“Cricket's capacity to shoot itself in the foot knows no bounds and the farcical end to the third One-Day International here on Thursday was another example of rules and regulations holding sway over the interests of spectators and simple common sense.”
– Daily Mail

"Appoint an umpire called Tiffin to a match involving India and England and it is to be expected that he comes over all 'old colonial' and stops for tea at 4.30,"
- The Guardian

They are of course in reference to the India vs England 3rd ODI in Kanpur. The bad light and subsequently the match being awarded to India, courtesy DL method.


Partha said...

at the risk of repeating myself, these english are such a sore bunch of losers.

adr said...

sore losers are not, they have a sense of humor :)