Sunday, November 2, 2008


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Leena said...

My most memorable Kumble moment is of course in the same New Delhi stadium - the 10 wicket haul! A Graceful retirement..

Partha said...

Undoubtedly. I clearly remember that day, it was a Sunday afternoon if I remember right, and this naturally just wiped away all the Monday morning blues.
Early next morning, this was as all everyone was murmuring in the assembly line in school! But back then it was more the fact that it was against Pakistan, than Kumble.

adr said...

Apart from the 10 wicket haul, there's this other image that comes to mind. Kumble bowling with a bandage wrapped - head to chin.

Sharad Ragas said...

Since stories are being shared, the first thing that ll come to my mind when the grand nephew* will ask me about AK will be, the Titan Cup Final in 96 when he swiped the tail out (after we waited for an eternity to celebrate between the 7th and 8th wickets.. or something like that), last wicket Allan Donald.. clean bowled!! I think the commentator called the delivery Kumble special later. I think it was on ESPN.

Then I ll cough*.