Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm not sure

99.3 Sharma to Anderson, no run, dropped by Dravid at slip! That was an absolute sitter, and he fluffed it, Anderson flashed a cut and thick outside edge went straight to Dravid, who crouched down and clasped at it in his lap but couldn't hold on ... after dropping a couple against Australia, watch out for all the Indian news channels baying for the poor man's blood

if I should feel relieved or sad that there are people in the media who feel bad for the way they treat this man.


adr said...

Here's some more from Guardian.
"On the balcony, Dravid sits, frowning at a book which he clearly can't concentrate on. The press will be calling for his head unless he comes good in the second innings, amazing as it may seem given his record."

partha said...

the latest scrutiny is up on cricinfo, again.