Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trivial Pursuit: Slumdog Millionaire

1. What was SRT's score when he gets run out in the ODI against SA?
2. Who was the batsman, who did -not- score the most number of first class centuries, as suggested by Option B, the restroom mirror, the computer and the very irritating Anil Kapoor?

If you can answer these two, you d find yourself with two more reasons why only an Englishman could have scripted/directed that movie.


partha said...


Leena said...

two more? I am still in awe that an English guy made this movie. Good, it is.

Sharad Ragas said...

Au contraire, I think only a foreigner, albeit an Englishman could have made a movie that way. Good it was, not awe-worthy. My opinion. All bias, no objectivity. =)

Anonymous said...

actually, jack hobbs has the most first-class test centuries 199 and tendulkar only has 68 first class test centuries

Anonymous said...

tendulkar does have the most test centuries and ODI centuries. but sorry you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

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