Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Dhoni,

Congratulations on the series win. Very well done, Sire. I have a request.. since you are the super captain, that you are.. could you please play Balaji in the 5th ODI? He is one of my favorite bowlers.

Thank you,


ifnotdeepikawhynotshilpa said...

Dear SR machchi,
Balaji I have been saving for our IPL matches. Cause you know avar budddie freddie though in the team, is largely useless (though the fact that we are chennai super kings and not some english team might actually inspire him). So even if I don't play him in 5th ODI don't mind okvaa?
Just chill macchi.

Dandanaka Dhoni,
Chennai Super Kings

ifnotdeepikawhynotshilpa said...

Thanks da machcha!