Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another win (play a Red Sparowes song)

It is less probable that we will live past this purple patch Indian cricket is going through. But it is special the way we feel today with all the success and glory. Its the sorta day when you look at these guys and tell yourself (and everyone around you) that they are monstrous giants of world cricket who will prevail anything. Its the sorta day when you breathe in short bursts and smile like a jackass. Its like a day when SRT scores a 100.

So what has changed? You dont feel surreal when India wins anymore. You dont crap on the world when they lose. You still toast their success, forgive their failure. You see them as amiable hard working people who will try to do their job when they go out there. The whimsical Gods have vanished. The romanticism has been lost to respect.

Something about MS ticks. Karma? Grit? Dunno, I dont worry too much about it. But he is a curious case, so I ask myself again. Is it jus him? What makes MS work? Karma? Luck? Limitations? Or the hidden scars from the last World Cup as he still clears the rubble in his head after we pelted his house down. May be that's why MS is so much like Dada, but not really. (This of course, comes from a disease that I have where I compare every successful Indian captain with Ganguly). People have written about the captain in MS, other gifted writers will (continue to) sketch a zen-like legend for the "little town boy". His dropped catches and missed stumpings will be forgotten. Every series. He will make you. But its alrite. He is someone who we will forgive. Coz he wins.


We like winning. It might not be ingrained in our culture (like Hayden's), but we like to win ever so often. And we do that a lot now. So, getting drunk on this feeling that the billions have waited for decades now, seems only appropriate.


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adr said...

"Is it jus him?"
Isn't that what everyone is quitely wondering about?!!
"getting drunk on this feeling that the billions have waited for decades now, seems only appropriate."