Sunday, March 15, 2009

The travelling goon

BCCI is going to absurd levels to stamp its authority on the cricketing world. Niranhan Shah is going around threatening people in Newzealand:
"It's one thing to pull two players out of a festival match in case they're contaminated by ex-ICL bacterium Hamish Marshall.

"It's two things to have New Zealand Cricket general manager of cricket Geoff Allott ring ICL virus Daryl Tuffey to ask him to withdraw from a State Championship match. But it's a truly absurd thing to flex their muscles in the commentary box for fear that Ravi Shastri (IPL) and Craig McMillan (ICL) might accidentally exchange bodily fluids that could eventually infect all the right-thinking people of the cricketing world," the newspaper wrote. [link]
I dont know about Ravi Shastri and Craig McMillan exchanding bodily fluids but I can say this - Lalit Modi does force a lot of this body fluid exchange with anybody and everybody who doesnt accept that BCCI is the unchallenged ruler of the entire cricketing world.

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Sharad Ragas said...

"We are a very safe country. You are sitting here, I am sitting here, we all are sitting here ... we are not Pakistan." - L. Modi.

Sad man.