Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is this what we love about sport?

That it can be so cruel. That it shoves in our face the brutal truth - the distance between the Winner and the Runner-up is agonisingly long, even if it was a photo-finish.

What can anyone say to Roddick in consolation?
The final had left us Fed fans in two minds. It was for Roddick that we had eyes for, after the insane fifth set finally threw up a result. Super glad for the No. 15, we also couldn't help but wonder what agony must have awashed Roddick.
We realise that he gave it his all. And it still wasn't enough.
But then maybe it is also a reminder of what makes Federer what he is. The match could have gone eitherways. But it went Roger's way. Not just this one, a lot of such close-encounters earlier too. Guess he can hold on for that one extra - all important - second.


Sharad Ragas said...

It was jus surprising Roger did nt cry. =p (Sorry, it was jus too easy!)

15 - amazing! Check out the latest Nike ad feat. Jordon, Woods, Sampras etc.

Partha said...

I can't say for previous encounters, but this one, Federer was quite lucky. He breaks one service game and wins championship?

Leena said...

I expected that ROger would win it very easily. Roddick changed that..

I am very happy for Roger's 15 and maybe a little sad for Roddick.