Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Someone has had the gumption to lash out at the Australian media. I wonder what took so long, considering the abuse the Indian team had to go through in their last Australian tour. No one seemed to speak out against them so vocally, I hate to sound like I have a persecution syndrome (or sound racist) but it took Tony Cozier a white man living in the West Indies for even Cricinfo to take on this bigotry and point it out. Somewhere below is a comment by someone named Harsha Bhogle, I wonder if it really was him, quite a sensible comment I'd say. Needless to say, the Australian media reporting cricket seems drunk on the decade of super success they've had. I hope they do realise at some point, that life does come a full circle, this might hypothetically come back to bite them. Humility and success are quite rare, not that it is a necessary condition, but it does seem a lot more endearing and pleasing to a spectator.


Sharad Ragas said...

I agree to a certain extent to the comment about sounding arrogant/making fun of the less fortunate team, has become a sort of writing trend. It starts innocently from blogs (please refer Nov.18 post on this blog) as an impish commentary and turns into a media hyperbola which understandably hurts the victim. But unfortunately it is what we (a certain section of) readership have become accustomed to - as humour. It is largely misplaced, as can be realised in hindsight. And also unfortunate.

Partha said...

I guess it's down to how one wants to interpret. I felt some of the articles written were not borne out of intent to sound funny, some were downright malicious.
But then again, at times, you see what you want to see.