Sunday, March 8, 2009

Me first, me first!! =)

First things first.. wtf s with the maiden NZ century hype.. the scribes are getting so bored with the 43.. soon we ll be reading "first with a yellow grip.. first with his new helmet..".

Talking about new helmets, what is McGlashan doing on a cricket field with a baseball helmet? I am telling you, it s only a matter of time before the batsmen start taking the axemen stance and start holding the bats over their shoulder.. swinging it in the air, as they take an open stance facing the bowlers. The Yanks are ruining the game, machas! Please shake your heads in disapproval.

Yeh sabb t20 ka kiya karaaya hain
, I tell you. Which brings me to the slog over bowling when Mills and Southee were batting.. t20 champions DO NOT bowl/field like that!! So much for Dhoni's promise of not taking it to the wire.. hmpf! I nearly died in those overs due to sheer nerves.

But, but.. at the end of the day.. WE WON! And coz this is an ODI, that's all that matters.

P.S. Next time, bigger grounds please.
P.P.S. Partha will write about Yuvi's exploits later. =p


Chaitanya said...

At the end, Southee, Mills and Butler extracted their fair share of revenge.

And Buddodu is back in form. That's good!

I hope they have bigger grounds for the coming matches. So far, it has been - swing your bat and see the ball disappear. You couldnt discriminate between a tailender and a toporder batsman. Everybody could hit sixes.

adr said... @ "Me first, me first!!"
..nods @ "soon we ll be reading first with a yellow grip"
..smiles understandingly @"I nearly died in those overs due to sheer nerves."
..glad that it is not such a rarity anymore @ "WE WON!"